Local and Fresh.

The Ten Acre Garden

Organic Practices


Our goal is to minimize environmental impact while providing organically grown produce to the region. By practicing integrated pest management, crop rotation, and maximizing crop diversity, we create a sustainable, biodiverse system that decreases the need for chemical pest control. When chemical treatment is needed, we use only environmentally friendly sprays targeted at the crop that needs it.



We are known throughout the area for our U-Pick strawberries and raspberries! It's a good idea to come prepared with sunscreen, and refreshments are offered in the farmstand.


Whether you're searching for a breathtaking selection of wedding flowers or an affordable CSA, we will walk you through our gardens to find exactly what you are looking for. ‚ÄčAlso come visit us at the Historic Haywood Farmer's Market every Saturday morning!

Farmstand Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10-6

Sunday: 1-5